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 My Keyblade - Sunlight Heart

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PostSubject: My Keyblade - Sunlight Heart   Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:45 pm

Keychain Name: Sunlight Heart (Simple Namesake: Bright Beat)

Ability: Defender (I was thinking um...this RP should be technical since it is based on a game and not some weird description, I could change it)

Strength: 3

Magic: 3

Basic Description: "The key chain attached draws out the Keyblade's true form and power". (Since it is an initial keyblade its the same description as the Kingdom Key)

Appearance: The blade is orange in appearance with silver tones in its center the tsuba and the handle while ringed area between the handle and blade is blue. The tip/teeth is in the shape of an arrowhead. The overall appearance resembles a small spear. The keychain is in the shape of an open heart with one end spiraled in.

Extra Info:
- When striking with the keyblade its center (accented by silver grips) opens up to emit light with every attack.
- Even though this is Hikaru's first keyblade it balances light magic through Hikaru's keyblade effectively.
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My Keyblade - Sunlight Heart
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