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 kazer meets sora riku and kairi

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PostSubject: kazer meets sora riku and kairi   Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:31 am

???: that guy was tough riku

riku: i know

kairi:... riku sora

riku/sora:yeah kairi


kazer: um excuse me who attacked you

sora: ah um a guy in a cloak

kazer:thanks and can you travel through worlds with light i mean you three


kazer:ok thanx get ready i need to test your skills


info:kazer took down kairi with a bonk on the head he took riku and sora down with 100 hits each in 4 seconds with extreme speed

kazer:your alright i have to leave bye

kazer made a portal of light and left

sora: i know i,m stronger than that or was org 13 weak
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kazer meets sora riku and kairi
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