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 New character, Nero Mori

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PostSubject: New character, Nero Mori   Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:15 pm

Name: Nero
Keyblade(s): In one hand he has Hero's Light a keyblade with the same hilt and handgaurd as kingdom key but instead the handgaurd is golden and the hilt is white the body is halberd like and is white as well Very Happy In the other hand he has the same keyblade but instead it's called Villan's darkness instead of a gold handgaurd it's red and a black body and hilt. Twisted Evil
Height: Very short....
Age: 12
Bio: Has a very short temper and is normaly in a bad mood....
Species: Human
Nobody name: Rexon
Home world: Unknown
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New character, Nero Mori
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