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  my keyblade the radiant moon.

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vivi orunitia
vivi orunitia

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PostSubject: my keyblade the radiant moon.   Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:59 pm

Keychain Name: the radiant moon

Abilities: the radiant moon is a fairly balanced keyblade but does offer a slight boos in magic.

Strength: its physical strength is quick and agile.

Magic: the radiant moon is the power of light magic and the wielder the powers like gravity and other moon type stuff.

Appearance: the radiant moon is long and sleek looking. it has a cresent moon handle and a long wide shaft. the end of the keyblade is is in the shape of a half moon it also has a bright white that hangs from the bottom of the handle and on the end of it is a cresent moon key chain.
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my keyblade the radiant moon.
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