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 Ren Zugaiklotsu- new kid

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Ren Zugaiklotsu- new kid Empty
PostSubject: Ren Zugaiklotsu- new kid   Ren Zugaiklotsu- new kid EmptySun Sep 18, 2011 9:49 am

Name: Ren Zugaikotsu

Age: 14

Species: Human

Alliance: (decided by Moderators)

Rival: (decided by either Moderators or Two Users)

Keyblade: (please choose or create one in the Keyblade Forums) Keychain Name: Angel of the Cat

Abilities: Has the ability to controle Blue gema and can send of a light blue sonic wave.

Strength: Slightly weaker than the Kingdom Blade

Magic: ice/water

Appearance: An icy-blue color that looks like a normal Keyblade but has a "Realease camand"

Personality: Calm, sweet, secretive, willing to help others.

Crush:No one

Appearance: Shoulder length blackhair, Blue eyes and avreage hight caccassion female. Wears a Wihte Japanese-stye outfit.

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Ren Zugaiklotsu- new kid
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