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 My Character

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PostSubject: My Character    My Character  EmptySun Feb 26, 2012 6:51 pm

Name: Ken

Age: 15

Species: Keyblade Wielder



Keyblade: Soothsayer

Personality:Ken is a naive boy, who is always thinking of others. He is a free spirited teenager that is always trying to stay positive. On another hand he can be equally angered. He has a horrible temper for mean, evil people.His friends come before him and he always tries to make new ones along the way. He is very smart and always thinks of new tactics on how to defeat the darkness.....they usually fail in the end. He is an inventor and an artist, so he is always thinking of new things, he is a person you will never find anywhere else.

Crush:No one atm

Appearance:His eyes are of an asian and an electric blue, for some reason at night, they turn a firey red, he does not know why. His hair is a brown faux hawk that is spiky without the use of gel. He is very skinny in size and kind of short in height. He wears a grey shirt and a black hoodie. His hands are covered with gray guaze that start at his elbow and stop at his hand. His pants are blue and white checkered. His shoes are converse like boots that go to his knees, the shoes strings wrap around the shoe. He has a black stud on his right ear and the sleeves on his hoodie are always pulled up.
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My Character
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