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 Into The Whale's Stomach

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PostSubject: Into The Whale's Stomach   Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:22 pm

What happens when a Space Whale swallows you whole? YOU DECIDE!!
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PostSubject: Re: Into The Whale's Stomach   Wed Dec 29, 2010 8:34 am

During DIF´s transprtation to World that Never Was, a gigantic whale sended by Zell, swaloed him.

Hooded 2 DIF- where am I?

????- You´re in a whale´s belly...

Hooded 2 DIF- Who the fuck are you?

Pinochio - I´m Pinochio, I live here with my dad!

Hooded 2 DIF- You have a dad, you´re a toy!

Pinochio - My dad created me.

Hooded 2 DIF- Can you take me to your dad?

Pinochio- Yes, follow me.

They traveled to the insde´s of the whale, until they found out a boat where geppeto was.

Pinochio- This is my father geppeto.

Hooded 2 DIF- He created you, ah?

Pinochio- Yup.

Hooded 2 DIF- Do you have a heart?

Pinochio- Yes, my father created my heart and inplanted it in my...

Hooded 2 DIF- I´ve heard ehough, Double Slash.

DIF slashed both Pinochio and Geppeto, to take them to research at the world that never was.
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Into The Whale's Stomach
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