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 Tsumi Buredo Character Application

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Tsumi Buredo
Tsumi Buredo

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PostSubject: Tsumi Buredo Character Application   Tsumi Buredo Character Application EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 11:12 pm

Name: Tsumi Buredo

Age: 14

Species: Experimental Life Form

Alliance: (decided by Moderators)

Rival: (decided by either Moderators or Two Users)

Keyblade: The Stained Soul, found HERE

Tsumi is a rather strange individual. He is very sarcastic, while kind at the same time. Tsumi has a very strong sense of right and wrong, and intervenes into the simplest of conflicts. Tsumi does not understand his own mortality, and would gladly sacrifice himself for a good cause. He is a naturally brave soul, with one exception, GIRLS. Cannot talk to anything female, and usually gets a bit nervous when a girl talks to him. He knows nothing about romance so, when the topic is brought up, he becomes quiet.

Tsumi can usually withstand a girl’s presence once he gets to know them enough. Very sentimental about his life, but doesn’t really like to talk about it. Tsumi finds new motivation every time someone shows that they have genuine faith in him. Tsumi enjoys being social and talking to others. Tsumi doesn’t work well in a group he doesn’t know, but easily coordinates once he actually knows them. A clear head is the key to any win, and that’s exactly what Tsumi tells himself during every fight.

Tsumi will give anything to protect his sister, Shinrai. She is the only person that Tsumi can really share his feelings with. Tsumi would give anything to shield her from harm, even if it meant his own life. Tsumi does, however, tend to be overprotective of his dear sister and does not let anyone he doesn’t know near her. Tsumi has been trying for a while to learn how to cook, and always fails miserably. Shinrai, being incredibly kind, always chokes down every bite of Tsumi’s pathetic cooking. In short, the bond between Tsumi and his sister is unbreakable. Even across the bands of death, one would live on in the other’s heart.

Project W

Written Appearance:

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Tsumi Buredo Character Application
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