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 The Town of Halloween...

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The Town of Halloween... Empty
PostSubject: The Town of Halloween...   The Town of Halloween... EmptyMon Jun 29, 2009 8:25 pm

Enter a place of Endless Halloween, pick a costume and join in the Frights! AND FIGHTS!!!
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The Town of Halloween... Empty
PostSubject: Hallowen town   The Town of Halloween... EmptySun Jan 02, 2011 8:45 am

[flash(61,61)][/flash]Roxas arrives on Hallowen Town where he instantly meets Jack.

???- Hello there.

The Town of Halloween... 652859 Roxas- Hi. My name is Roxas, what´s your name?

????- I´m Jack Skellington, and this lovely woman, is Sally.

Sally- Hi.

The Town of Halloween... 449359 Roxas-Look, Jack, have you seen anybody named, Axel, Kaxaw, Kixur or Lesxiple?

Jack- Lesxiple you say...we lefted her at Christmas Town. She said this was to scary for her.

The Town of Halloween... 514174Roxas- Can you take me to christmas town?

Jack- Of course I can...Follow me.

Jack took Roxas to the portal gates. There, each portal sended a fluxto the air, creating a Keyhole...wich Roxas closed.

Jack- Cool. My friend Sora did that once.

The Town of Halloween... 514174 Roxas- You know Sora?

Jack- Yes, do you?

The Town of Halloween... 460165 Roxas- He is my...ah...my...Brother. Yes, he´s my brother.

Jack- Tell him to come visit us, when he has the chance.

The Town of Halloween... 514174 Roxas- Sure thing.

They enter the christmas portal.

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The Town of Halloween...
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