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 The Island of Children...

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PostSubject: The Island of Children...   Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:26 pm

On this Island, you can never grow old! Learn to fly and fight flying Heartless!!
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PostSubject: Roxas meets Peter Pan   Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:49 am

Roxas visits NeverLand, again.

A flying boy arrives.

????- Hey there. I´m Peter Pan.

Roxas- I´m Roxas.

C. Hook.- Peter Pan, come here.

Peter Pan- Whops, that´s cap...

Roxas- Captain Hook.

Peter Pan-How do you...?

Roxas- It doesn´t matter. Let´s go.

Roxas draws his keyblades and attacks the pirates, while Peter figths Hook.

Roxas- Defend this. Aerial Thrust.

All the pirates died.

Roxas- Peter, take this. *Roxas gives Peter his Dathkeeper.*

Peter Pan- Take that Hook.

C. Hook- Noooooooooo!

Peter Pan just hits Hook with the keyblade once, wich knocks Hook out.

Peter Pan- Thanks. To repay you, Tinker Bell, give him the ability to fly.

Roxas- Thanks.

Thinker Bell started glowing so much, that almost blinded some body.

The Keyhole was in her heart.

Roxas- I can´t save your world.

Peter Pan- why?

Roxas- To save your world Tink will have t disapear for a while.

Peter Pan- You don´t mind Tink.

Tink doesn´t mind.

Roxas then closes the KeyHole, and says goodbye to Pete for Now.
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The Island of Children...
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