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 Traverse Town

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PostSubject: Traverse Town   Traverse Town EmptySun Nov 01, 2009 7:37 pm

*a person wearing a black cloak similar to the orginazation 13 one enters into district one through a portal*
*the person walks into a shop and buys some things*

cid:thanks come again

*the person enters into the 2nd district and is ambushed by dusk nobody*

*a keyblade that appears to be the 2 across keyblade appears and the man slashes through the dusk and runs to 3rd district*

*the person is running as his keyblade disappears and he stops infront of a mystery man in a real orginazation 13 cloak*

???:who are you! *the keyblade appears again*

Hooded *holds hand out* come with me

???:*the person with the keyblade backs away into a portal and the portal disappears*

*another person appears through a dark portal*

Hooded 2:the boy is gone

Hooded 1:we will see him again.so how is our former traitor doing

Hooded 2:hes co oping fine

Hooded 1:good lets got back to the castle

*the figures disappear*

(the story goes to the gummi ship place now)
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PostSubject: Re: Traverse Town   Traverse Town EmptyMon Jan 24, 2011 3:34 am

Soul lands in Traverse Town at the first district.

Soul:Wow pretty quiet.

Soul finds Leon, Cid,Yuffie,and Aerith

Soul:Um Why is every one so calm?Aren't they afraid of the heartless.

Leon:Don't you know,First District is heartless free but second and Third District have heartless.

Soul:Thank for telling me.Before I leave can I spar you Leon.

Leon:Sure if you can keep up.

Soul uses slash.

Leon has 90%hp.

Leon uses Slash.

Soul has 80%hp.

Soul uses Nobody's Slash.

Leon is knocked out.

Soul:Your good but not good enough.

Leon:Thanks same you to. Tell you what since you beat me fair and square I'll come along with you to the second and third district.

Soul:Thanks,but first can someone heal me or give me a elixir

Aerith:Sure thing.

Aerith heals soul and gives him 5x potions.

Soul:Thanks you,now to the Third District.

Soul and Leon went through the Second District Door.

Leon:Watch out Soul there's some heartless around here.

Soul: We can win.

They get to the Third District Door and now heartless has attacked them.

Leon:I have a bad feeling about this.

They open the door and find a very strange but powerful heartless.

Guardian Heartless ?????:I've been waiting for a while.

Leon:Heartless can't talk.

Guardian Heartless Guardian:I'm Chaos strongest Heartless and I'm here to test Your power Soul.

Soul:CHAOS, Where is he????

Leon:Who's Chaos.

Soul:My heartless.

Leon:WHAT!!! you have a Heartless????

Soul:Yep.Watch out his attacking.

Guardian uses Shadow Beam

Soul summons Millennium Heartbreaker and dodges the beam.

Leon has 10%hp

Leon uses Gun Fury

Guardian has 90%hp

Soul uses Nobody Slash

Guardian has 1%hp and flees saying find me at another world

Soul:It says I need to go to another world.Bye Leon,tell the others I said Good Bye.

Soul boards Shox and Head to Wonder Land
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PostSubject: Re: Traverse Town   Traverse Town EmptyThu Mar 31, 2011 9:19 am

Goxog arrives and starts destroyng everything. In the exact same moment Goxog is pointing at Red´s house he appears.

Traverse Town 667551 Red: Noooooo!

Traverse Town 514174 Goxog- Finishing Leap.

The attack destroys almos everything.

Traverse Town 5677 Red: No! Mom.

He draws his keyblades.

Traverse Town 5677 Red: I´l kill you.

Suicide Explosion.

Red´s health- 3%

Goxog´s Health: 30%

Traverse Town was about to explode, Goxog knocs Red to the floor and leaves.

Red is hit by a house, wich destroys his legs. He opens a portal and leaves.
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PostSubject: Re: Traverse Town   Traverse Town EmptyMon Nov 07, 2011 6:22 pm

Light wakes up to find 3 ducks and a person

Light: Were am I and who are y'all.

???: Me my name is Cid.

???: I'm Huey.

???: I'm Dewey.

???: I"m Louie.

Light: I'm Light. Can I get some items.

Cid: Sure. What do you Need?

Light: Can I get some Potions.

Light pays Cid

Light then goes to 2nd Distrect...

Light comes to a group of heartless surrounding Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

All three: HELP US!

Light: OK. FIRA!

Half of the heartless fades

Light: RUN BOYS!

All three: OK.

The ducks run past Light.

Light: time to finish them off.

The rest of the heartless fades too.

Light: OK were is the lead heartless

Suddenly the town's bell rings

Light: Oh! Dear.

The Lead heartless appears and fires a beam at Light.

Light doges.

Light: OK, so that is how it is gunna go down.

Light uses Sudden Flash Slash.

Light: *panting* Whoa that was fun but too easy.

???: So this is the famous nobody Light.

Light: Who are you and were are you at?

???: Who me.

Light: Yes you.

???: My name is Maleficent.

Maleficent: Hahahaha, You would make a great addition to my army.

Light: NO way. NOW DIE.

Maleficent: Not fast enough. Bye for now, we will meet later.

Maleficent leaves through a black portal.

Light: Now that she left what should I d... Hmm what is that portal. It is just like the portal that Maleficent left through but it is white insted of black.

Light enters the "White" portal.

You can fallow me to The Deep Jungle.

Last edited by dark00220 on Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:53 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : didn't want to go to the olypic colosium)
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Traverse Town
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