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 the station of awakening

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PostSubject: the station of awakening   the station of awakening EmptySun Nov 01, 2009 8:07 pm

*demetri is standing on a platform with a image of the sleepinglion and 2 across keyblades crossing each other making an x in the middle of the platform an image of demetri on the left side of the platform and an image of that mysterious cloak person on the right*

*demetri looks around suprised and he sees three weapons appear in front of him a sword in the middle the staff on the left and the shield on the right*

voice:choose your weapon

demetri:*without question he walks over to pick up the sword and the other two weapons disappear*

voice:your destiny has been set

demetri:who are you?

*strange black ccreaturs with yellow eyes appear*


voice:dont be afraid of the darkness

demetri:*nods his head and takes on a fighting stance almost similar to soras andfights off all the creatures*


demetri:*looks around*

*a door appears*

voice:the door is open

demetri:*he walks through the door into another part of the station*

voice:you have been destined

demetri:to do what,why and why me?

voice:you have been destined to lock the doors and preventing the door from being opened once again

demetri:what do you mean doors and once again?wait but why me?

*agiant heartless appears out of demetris shadow*demetri turns around slowly seeing the creature*

Guardian Heartless RAWRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

demetri:whoa!*gets in stance again and battles the creature but the hits have no effect on the creature*

Guardian Heartless *puts arms on ground and creates more shadow heartless*

*demetri fights off all the shadows and attacks thhe creatures left arm and its dissolves*

Guardian Heartless RAWWWRRRRR *puts its right arm down and more shadows form*

demetri fights off all those heartless and destroys the right arm and the monster disappears

*demetri starts getting devoured by a black hole*

voice:dont be afraid of the darkness

*demetri struggling trying to get out of the black hole but is sucked up*

(the story goes back to the gummi ship)
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the station of awakening
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