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 back from station of awakening

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back from station of awakening Empty
PostSubject: back from station of awakening   back from station of awakening EmptyMon Nov 02, 2009 6:07 pm

*demetri wakes up and falls off of gummi ship*

demetri:ow! x.x *looks around* the other gummi ships are gone o.o that means i should go somewhere but where

*as demetris thinking some shadow heartless appear behind him and tackle him to the ground*

demetri:ah! am i dreaming again? this dosent look like it

*demetri runs from the shadow creatures but they corner him*

demetri:only if i had that sword right about now x.x

*before the shadows attack a light stops them from attacking and the sleeping lion keyblade appears in demetris hand*


the key to all worlds...............

demetri:whoa what is this!?

*as the shadow try to attack demetri fights them off with the keyblade and rushes to his gummi ship fighting more shadow heartless*

demetri:my gummi ship

*before he takes one step the same giant creature from his dreams appears infront of him*

Guardian Heartless RAWRRRRRRRRR

demetri:not again and even worse now its real!

Guardian Heartless *the creature puts its left hand down and alot of shadow heartless appear and demetri battles them and wins*

demetri:that all you got *demetri attcks its left arm and it disappears*

Guardian Heartless RAWRRRRRRRRRRR *uses right hand to summon more heartless and demetri fight and defeat them too then goes after the right arm and destroys it*

demetri:i thought youd be stronger in the real world hah!

Guardian Heartless RAWRRRRRRRRR

*the creatures mouth turns into some blackhole and tries to suck up demetri*

demetri:this is new! *demetri gets send flying to the monster but demetri shifts so he can land on the monster head and he starts slashing at him and heartless appear up there with him and demetri fights them off the he sends the final blow to the monsters head and a burst of light appears*

Guardian Heartless RAWRRRRRRRRRRRR(noooooooo!)

*the light and the creature vanishes and demetri lands on his back*

demetri:ow! wow that was some battle

*the keyblade vanishes*

demetri:maybe that was a one time thing *shrugs* well since everyone else left me imma go fly to another world too

*demetri leaves to another world*

(a cut scene happens at the world that never was)
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back from station of awakening
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