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 cutscene after the world that never was cutscene

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PostSubject: cutscene after the world that never was cutscene   Tue Nov 03, 2009 7:45 pm

*the nobody appears on a platform similar to the one demetri was on*

???:what is this place


irtimed:h-how do you know my name?!

*he removes his hood his face is similar to demetri's but his spiky hair his going forward almost like roxas*

voice:you have been destined to save the worlds aswell

iritimed:what are you talking about and aswell?

*his 2 across keyblade appears and it glows*

iritimed:what his going on with my keyblade?

voice:the keyblade is not originaly yours

iritimed:thats right i found it

*he looks at his keyblade then it stops glowing*

voice:the keyblade is now yours and you can now ulock its full power

iritimed:thanks but sorry im not saving anyworlds i just wanna be left alone

voice:you have been destined

iritimed:i dont care *he opens a portal and leaves*

(cutsscenes are over and story goes to wonderland)
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cutscene after the world that never was cutscene
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