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PostSubject: wonderland   wonderland EmptyWed Nov 04, 2009 4:49 pm

*demetri's gummi ship lands in wonderland*demetri walks out and notices alil rabbit run past*

demetri:wow whats the rush?

*demetri walks down the halland gets attacked by 5 shadow heartless and 2 armored knight ones he easily takes down the shadows with his sleeping lion keyblade then eyes the armored knights*

demetri:new heartless?

*the armored heartless attack him and demetri takes them down with a few hits*


*demetri walks into the Bizarre Room and sees the white rabbit noticing that hes smaller now*

white:im gonna be late late late late! im here when i shouuld be there! *the white rabbit enters through a door and it closes*

demetri:*he crouches down to the door* hm i wonder how he got so small?

doorknob:he drank from the cup

demetri:wah!! 0= a talking doorknob!?

doorknob:can you please quiet down *yawns* im trying to get some sleep*

demetri:wait! what drink

doorknob:the ones on the table behind you*

*demetri turns around*

doorknob:the blue one makes you smaller the orange one makes you taller



*demetri drinks from the blue cupand he shrinks*

demetri:wow im short 0=

*demetri is standing on the table when a fireball almost hits him but miss*


*demetri turns around and sees Red Nocturne heartless as they shoot more fire at him he deflects them with his keyblade*

demetri:err *demetri rushes to them but the heartless are floating and they just shift and demetri misses and he gets hit in the left elbow of fire*


*demetri lands on floor and jumps back up and starts hitting those heartless in a combo and defeats them all*

*demetri lands*

???:nice one

*demetri looks around* who is it?

*the Cheshire Cat appears infront of demetri*

demetri:wahh! 0=

Cheshire Cat:heh didnt mean to scare ya

demetri:who are you?

Cheshire Cat:im the Cheshire Cat

demetri:are you working with the heartless or against them?

Cheshire Cat:maybe i am maybe im not its up to you to decide

demetri:uh well can you atleast help me get more around this place

Cheshire Cat:turn the comfy object flat then you get you direction set *the cheshire cat vanishes*

demetri:wait what?what do you mean? ah forget it!

*demetri goes to drink from the orange cup and gets taller*

*demetri leans against the bed*

demetri:turn the comfy object flat?

*the bed behind demetri gets pushed in and it looks flat and demetrifalls*


demetri:hm so thats what he meant

*a passage way is shown*

demetri:there it is *demetri drinks the blue cup gets small fights some shadow and armored knights and goes through the hole into the queens court and he hides behind a push*

queen of hearts:alright card soliders line up! your gonna find that girl who tried to steal my heart

demetri:steal your heart?

queen of hearts:cards attack the intruder

demetri:ok? *his keyblade appears*

*demetri fights the cards but they just keep getting back up*


*demetri retreats into the lotus forest*

*the white rabbit blows on a trumpet and the cardsline up*

queen of hearts:alright cards go into the lotus forest and find that intruder and the girl!

*the cards run into the lotus forest*

*demetri hides behind a tree and the cards run pass*

demetri:phew *demetri turns around and the Cheshire Cat is infront of him and demetri falls back in shock

demetri:wa! you again*demetri gets up*

cheshire cat:see that you solved my riddle

demetri:yay no thanks to you.so do you know where this girl there talking about is?

cheshire cat:no but i can tell you where the shadow is


cheshire cat:yes but first you need to get out of this forest

demetri:i cant go back there

cheshire cat:theres another way


cheshire cat:get through the forest maybe the flowers can help *disappears*

demetri:not another riddle T_T

*demetri walks up to a red flower and it oens up with a not saying "get me a potion and ill make you taller'*

demetri:hm *demetri searches around for a potion and finds a chest and its guarded by creeper plant heartless*

demetri:get out of my way you overgrown plants! *demetri strikes them and defeats them*

demetri:heh *he taps the chest with his keyblade and the chest opens demetri takes it out and it reveals to be a potion*

demetri:better get this back to that flower

*demetri runsback to the flower and now the note says feed me*

demetri:i wonder who left this here maybe its a clue!

*demetri pours the potion into the flower and demetri gets taller*

demetri:nice.now what do i do? *demetri steps on a stump it flatens and the forest changes*

demetri:weird *a nut lands in his hand* looks edible *he eats it and he shrinks*

demetri:o.o i guess i walk along the new forest (to be continued)
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PostSubject: Wonder DIF land   wonderland EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 10:53 am

After leaving Castle that never was, DIF headed to wonderland. He sawed Axel destroing heartless.

Hooded 2 DIF- What are you doin here?

Axel Axel- I am in a mission, gave to me by miself.

Hooded 2 DIF- What is that mission?

Axel Axel- Find you, Roxas.

Hooded 2 DIF- My name is DIF.

Axel Axel- No Roxas, the organization calls you DIF...remmber your best friend...

Suddenly Saix and Namine appeared.

Saix Saix- That´s about enhouf Axel. Namine, erase Roxas memories.

Namine Namíné - No.

Saix Saix- What?

Namine Namíné- I´m sick of you.

With this said namine runned to the side of the forest where Axel and Roxas were.

Saix Saix- You won´t get away.

Hooded 2 ????- Oh, yes they will.

Hooded 2 DIF- Xion?

Hooded 2 Xion- Rigth Roxas! Now go.

With that said Axel took Namine and DIF (roxas) to End of the World.

Saix Saix- I will destroy you.

Xion3 Xion- You mean me, Marluxia and Repliku.

Blindfolded Riku Xion2 Marluxia

Saix Saix - How dare you to betray me...you will pay a lot for this.

They begin the figth.


Moments later Marluxia is already destroyed,and Repliku is down.

Roxas, Axel and Namíné arrive.

Xion3 Roxas3 Namine Repliku Axel All together- You´re going down Saix.

Riku Stands Repliku- Darkness power...

Saix Saix-Arghhhhhhhh.

Axel Axel- Fire guns suicide...

Saix Saix- My legs...

:Xion4: Roxas Xion and Roxas Triple Keyblade attack

Namine Namíné- And now to finish you of, memories erasing......

Saix Saix- Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Saix was destroyed.

Roxas2 Thanks everybody, it´stime for me to go, and get together with Sora again.

Repliku Namine Xion2 All together- Can we go with you?

Repliku Repliku- I need to get together with Riku.

Namine Namíné- I need to get together with Kairi.

Xion2 Xion- And I have to go to sora to...

Axel Guess I´l stay alone then...

Roxas2 Roxas- You can visit Sora whenever you want.

Hooded Zell- How moving...

Roxas Roxas- Zell!

Organization XIII Zell- Merlin created a ligth creature, who treated him by son, but that creature was hanging out in darkness to long...that he became this Organization XIII to Guardian Heartless.

:Xion4: Roxas4 Repliku Namine Axel All together - He is huge...

Guardian Heartless Zell- You will pay for turning me in this. Ahhhhhhhh, Rage explosion.

Every body starts fliyng and suddenly, ultimate slash...Zell fall and disapears.

Roxas3 Roxas- Who did that?

Sora 2 Sora- I did.

Xion Roxas Xion and Roxas- Sora?

Sora Sora- Don´t you thnk is time you come back to me.

Roxas2 Xion2 Xion and Roxas- Yup.

Run Away Sora- Then let´s do this!

Thrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...in a ligth rage Sora absorved roxas and xion.

Sora Sora- Repliku and Namíné, are you comming?

Repliku Namine Both- Yes.

Namine Repliku Sora Sora, Riku and Namíné- Good bye for now Axel.

Axel Axel- Goodbye.

With this said They left in the gummi ship leaving Axel alone.

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Chosen One
Chosen One

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PostSubject: WonderLand Keyhole and Door   wonderland EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 8:41 am

Roxas heads to WonderLand using the ligth portals.

Roxas2 Roxas- I´m in WonderLand´s Lotus forest, this sure brings back memories, like when I got together with Sora a 2º time.

Suddenly cards attack Roxas from behind, and he falls Knocked out.
He wakes up, in another garden, where a Queen of cards and a withe rabbit were.

Queen- You are acused of invading my land.

Roxas4 Roxas- What? This is bogus.

Queen- Quiet. Rabbit decide a painfull sentence for this spoiled boy.

Withe Rabbit- Boy, I´m sorry, but you are sentenced to a head cut.

Roxas Roxas- What? You think you can do that to me. Suicide explosion.

Roxas kills all the cards. He jumps and de-headeds the rabbit. Then he points his keyblades at the queen...

Roxas Roxas- Ligth Flash...what? Why isn´t it working? All rigth fine...Dark Flash.

The attack hits the queen, who instantly dies.

Roxas Roxas- Something is wrong!

A keyhole then glows in the chair the quenn was sitted in. He quicly closed it and when he loocked behind him a door opened and he entered. That door led him to a hole diferent world.
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Chosen One
Chosen One

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PostSubject: Back of to WonderLand   wonderland EmptySat Jan 01, 2011 12:04 pm

Roxas comes from the door of timeless river.

Roxas4 Roxas- Poor King.

Roxas goes thru a portal of darkness.
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