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 wonderland continued

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PostSubject: wonderland continued   wonderland continued EmptyWed Nov 04, 2009 6:43 pm

*demetri looks down the forest and 5 shadow,2 soliders,3 red nocturne,3 yello opera,and3 bluerhapsody heartless appears*

demetri:ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! *demetri starts running and slashes all the heartless in his path with his sleeping lion keyblade and makes it into an entrance*he walks in and it reveals to be tea party garden and looks around then sees a hous he enters and appears to be in an upside down bizzare room*

demetri:ok now im really confused x.x

*the cheshire cat appears*

demetri:ah x.x

cheshire cat:sorry about that

demetri:just tell me where the shadow is

cheshire cat: the shadow you seek is below but will not show until you light up the situation *disappears*

demetri:uh? x.x light up the situation! ugh!!

*demetri looks around and notices a lamp not lit*

demetri:hmm light up the situation

*as demetri approaches the lamp 2 Shadow s
3 Gigant Shadows
1Large Body

3Blue Rhapsody
3Red Nocturne
3Yellow Opera
1Air Soldier

1White Mushroom
2 Darkball
1Wizard heartless appears*

demetri:heheh uh ha *demetri summons his keyblade* lets go *demetri slices the shadows gets tackled by a giant shadow slicesthere heads off hits the soldiers hits the ice attacks back to the blue rhapsodys same againstthe fire uses the keyblade as a conductor and sends the lightning back to the yellow opera jumps on the air soldiers back slices it jumps on the white mushrooms head it disappears destroys the wizard gets tackled down by the large body tries to attack it at the front but it has no effect*

demetri:what the? maybe the back *demetri hits the large body on its back and it disappears along with the rest of the heartless*

*demetri pants he walks to the lamp and lights it up revealing a shadow of the table back down at the bizzare room a chest appears he opens it a potion comes out and he drinks it instanly healing him*

demetri:whoa! that was nice!!

*demetri goes to the queens court and back to the right side up bizzare room he walks to the shadow and the trickmaster appears demetris keyblade appears again and he gets ready to fight the trickmaster*

*demetri jumps to the table and starts attacking the trick master it starts throwing fire at demetri but he keeps dodging demetri deleviers the final blow to the trickmaster and it disappears

*demetri pants again*

cheshire cate:that was good kid *disappears*

*demetri notices a big person in a orginazation cloakand it turns out to be pete*

*petes holding a heart*


demetri:w-who are you? and what is that

pete:this is the heart of alice


pete:see im collecting hearts for a plan involving a door

demetri:door....the door! so your the bad guy i have to stop *demetri charges at pete but alot of shadows block his way*


pete:hohoho *he disappears through a portal*

demetri:hey get back here! *the keyblade appears and is pointing to the direction to door knob and it glows* whats going on? *a beam of light from the keyblade goes into the keyhole and it glows lighter it disappears and you can hear what sounds like a door locking*

demetri:what was that all about?

voice:the door is locked

demetri:that was fast

voice:there are more doors to be closed before you can close 'the door'

demetri:i see to the next world!

(the story goes to a cutscene in the deep jungle)
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wonderland continued
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