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 olympus coliseum

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PostSubject: olympus coliseum   olympus coliseum EmptyMon Nov 09, 2009 7:11 pm

*the gummi ship lands outside of the coliseum gate*demetri walks into the coliseum gate*

demetri:wow this place looks like the B.C. 0=

*a man and girl enter the coliseum gate*

*as they walk pass the man eyes demetri while the girl is looking down and they walk into the lobby*

demetri:gee i wonder what was that about?

*as demetri walks to the lobby shadow heartless appear behing him but before they could attack the seem to be sliced in half by something fast and they disappear showing that it was that man who cut them with his dual swords he puts them back and walks into the the lobby*

man:hmph *he goes into the lobby*

demetri:uh *demetri runs into the lobby*

phil:another entry?

demetri:um yeah!

phil:show me a ticket kid

demetri:uh tucket?

phil:no ticket no entry

demetri:ah man

phil:get outta here!!

*demetri stomps out*

demetri:stupid lil goat thing

*the girl runs up to demetri*

girl:excuse me

demetri:hm its you

*she gives him her ticket

girl:i dont wanna join anyway

demetri:you sure?


demetri:yes! thanks alot i owe you one!


*demetri and the girl walks back to the lobby*

demetri:so whats your name anyway


(her appearence can be found at my character layout)

demetri:im demetri *grins*

crystal:*smiles* nice to meet you demetri

demetri:nice to meet you too

man:come on already crystal we need to enter

crystal:im not entering deon i gave my ticket to him

deon:you what? *he walks off into the lobby*


crystal:yup hes my brother

demetri:a little bit of a downer dont ya think?

(deons appearence can be found at my layout too)

crystal:i guess so

demetri:so what brings you guys here?

crystal:he wanted to sign up for the coliseum

demetri:you guys travel worlds too?!

crystal:no our worldd is connected to this one.theres other worlds?


crystal:wow so what world did you come from

demetri:i cant remeber *looks down* i just remember being in a orphanage i was adopted by a gummiship instructer and raised at the gummiship garage

crystal:oh.......im so sorry

demetri:its alright ^^ *he looks up*

crystal:o-ok ^^

*there back in the lobby*

to be continued..........
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Chosen One

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PostSubject: Zell and DIF enter the Gold Cup.   olympus coliseum EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 4:38 am

DIF arrives at the colliseum.

Hooded 2 DIF- So this is the colliseum, ha...what a piece of junk.

???- That´s what you think.

Hooded 2 DIF- Who are you?

????- I´m Hercules, son of Zeus and Hera, but my myself are mortal.

Hooded 2 DIF- I see... can you tell me how to enter in the Gold Cup?

Hercules- Of course, follow me...

They enter the collyseum ant lobby.

Hercules- Hey phil, this boy wants to enter in the gold cup.

Phil- Herc. you think he has potential?

Hercules- Yeah.

Hooded 2 Dif- Zell what are you doing here?

Hooded Zell- I´m here for the gold cup!

Hooded 2 DIF- Me too !

Hooded Zell- Guess I see you in the final then.
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Chosen One
Chosen One

Posts : 201
Join date : 2010-12-28
Age : 29
Location : U.S.A- Colorado

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PostSubject: Taking out the number for the Hercules cup.   olympus coliseum EmptyFri Dec 31, 2010 5:18 am

Roxas arrives at the Colliseum, wich remembers him, his big figth with Zell...wich he won.

Roxas3 Roxas- I want a ticket for the Hercules cup, please!

Ticket Giver- What´s your name?

Roxas3 Roxas- My name is Roxas.

Ticket Giver- Here it is, have a nice cup.

Roxas2 Roxas- Thanks.

* Roxas walks to the colliseum entrance lobby.

Hooded ??- I also want a ticket for the Hercule cup.

Ticket giver- What´s your name?

Hooded ?????- My name is Suxtid.

Ticket Giver- Here it is, have a nice cup.

Hooded Suxtid- Hmp...

* Suxtid enters the colliseum lobby.

Donald and Goofy Sad Gooffy- We want to enter the hercules cup.

Ticket giver- Names, please...

Donald and Goofy Sad Goofy- Donald and gooffy, m´am.

Ticket Giver- Here it is, have a nice cup.

Goofy Sad Gooffy- Why thank you m´am.

*Donald and Goffy enter the colliseum lobby.*

Hooded ????- I want a ticket and quick!

Ticket giver- Name, please...

King Mickey Mickey- Mickey, King Mickey...

Ticket Giver- Here it is, have a nice cup.

* Mickey enters the colliseum lobby*.

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PostSubject: Re: olympus coliseum   olympus coliseum Empty

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olympus coliseum
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