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 Dawn Shooter

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PostSubject: Dawn Shooter   Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:49 am

Ship Name: Dawn Shooter

Gun Type: Lasers, Turrents (that shoot fireballs), and small Bullets.

Speed Class: C or B (you decide)

Appearance: The gummie ship had four wings, forming a X shape from a front or back view (white). The body is a rectengular prism with rounded edges, and the front is a cone, to make it more aro-dinamic (red-ish purple). The drivers location is behind glass (in the shape of a half sphere) and is located where the nose starts. The Bullets are located on the end of the top to wings (black). The Lasers are on the side of the main body, between the top wings and the bottem wings (red). The turrents are on either side of the half-a-sphere dome (driver's seat).
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Dawn Shooter
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