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 DIF first appearence

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DIF first appearence Empty
PostSubject: DIF first appearence   DIF first appearence EmptyTue Dec 28, 2010 1:59 pm

After disapearing from his world and losting his memories, DIF whinds up here, in station of awekning. When he woke up, instatly started asking questinon.

Hooded 2 DIF- Where am I? Is somebody here? What´s going on?

Hooded Voice- You are here to be conected...

Dif looks exausted and angry at the same time...

Hooded 2 DIF- Three Questions:First- What´s going on?
Second- Who are you?
Third- What do you mean by being connected?

Hooded Voice- I can´t answer the first two, but you need to be connected to darknes or ligth...chose wisely.

Almost, falling of his feet, DIF says...

Hooded 2 DIF- Well then...I chose darknes...

Hooded Voice- Are you sure?

Hooded 2 DIF- Yes, and stop bugging me.

Hooded Voice- Just tell me this...what would you chose...Magic, Defense or attack.

After thinking for a while, he chosed...

Hooded 2 DIF- AttacK...

Hooded Voice- Allrigth then, go, go and fufil your destiny...

Then a portal opens, and DIF runs away of it, but, it was useless, he got dragged to the portal.
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DIF first appearence
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