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 DIF first world

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PostSubject: DIF first world   Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:07 am

After he entered a warp hole, DIF finds himself here.

DIF- Whow, where am I?

????- You are where you shouldn´t be, litle fellow.

DIF- Oh, sorry litle dragon.

Voice inside DIF´s head- Shan Youn, find him...that dragon knows how, make him talk!

Mushu- You can threat me as Mushu. What´s your name?

DIF- I...I...

Voice inside DIF´s head- DIF, say DIF.

DIF- DIF, my name is Dif.

Mushu- Alrigth.

DIF- Hey Mushu, can you show me where´s Shan Youn.

Mushu- Why the F*** do you want to find that son of a B****?

DIF- I don´t know, I just need it...

Mushu- Okay then, follow me.

After they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked they reached this cave.Mushu was afraid to go in, so he stayed out there.When Dif entered, olny Unn heartless were to be seen, and Shan Youn sitted in a troun.DIF Slashed his way to shan youn, destroiyng every Unn in his path.
When he reached Shan Youn. He said this at his ear.

DIF- Let´s attack china together.

Shan Youn- Allrigth, you need me and I need you...hmm...seems fare.

Dif- What are we waiting for let´s go.

They were stoped by the empirial army in the mountain, with an avalanche...Only DIF and Shan Youn sorvived.

DIF- Let´s avenge your men Shan You, and destroy CHINA.

When they reached China, DIF killed almost everybody, only left three soldiers, a women , the captain and the emperor.

Shan Youn kidnaped the emperor and killed him, then DIF was destroiyn one by one , the sovivours to his rage.

????- YES let the rage flue you.

DIF- What the...? Axel, I know that voice.

AXEL- You killed so many people, only two sorvivours live...ah...you´re touhgf...let´s go for the second round.

DIF- This time I´l kick your ass.

Axel- Fire Guns go...

DIF- Ultima weapon...

DIF defended the fire guns, when head back to AXEL, the other killed, The captain.

Axe- Time to go, oh, and next stop Neverland, got it memorized.

With this said, Axel vanished...

Woman- Please help me defeat Shan Youn...

DIF- What will I win for that ?

Woman- One nigth of hot S**.

Mushu- Realy, Mulan?

DIF- Mushu!

Mushu- You, MotherF*****.

DIF- Mulan, I´l help but I don´t want that in return...

Mulan- Than what you want?

DIF- Your heart...Let me turn you into a heartless...

Mulan-....alrigth fine.

DIF- *Looks at Shan Youn, who´s on the roff, points his ultima wepon and*- Gravity...

Shan Youn fals from the roff, dead...with this done, DIF inserts his keyblade in MULAN´S chest and releases her heart to the air, she truned into heartless, attacked him, and DIF killed her. Then he left.
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DIF first world
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