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 Geppeto and Pinochio safeness

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Geppeto and Pinochio safeness Empty
PostSubject: Geppeto and Pinochio safeness   Geppeto and Pinochio safeness EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 12:27 pm

After Zell left castle that never was he headed to end of the world...

Hooded Zell- I´l leave them here just to be safe.

??????? - Come to me, let me enter you and possece you...

Hooded Zell-Who are you?

Hooded ???- My name is Xehanort...but treat me by Ansem.

Hooded Zell- What do you want?

*Sacks out the keyblade*

Hooded Ansem- I want you...


Guardian Heartless Zell- What happend to me? I´m a monster...where´s my cloak? There it is! Hooded ...wait where´s pinochio and Geppeto, no... Organization XIII .

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Geppeto and Pinochio safeness
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