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 zing satomi

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Zing Satomi
Zing Satomi

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PostSubject: zing satomi   zing satomi EmptyMon Jan 24, 2011 11:24 pm

Name:zing satomi



Alliance: (decided by Moderators)

Rival: (decided by either Moderators or Two Users)

Keyblade: Ultima Weapon & Way to the Dawn

Personality: quite,understanding, caring, but distant with feelings.when he meet new people he doesent really talk much but when its a girl he gets nervous. when he meets enemys he is more serious but taunts them,and old friends he never stops talking when they are around. when it comes to alies he is nice to a point and trys to show team workbut doest really like to talk unless he has to.

Crush:none as of now

Appearance:long black hair with blond streaks,clothes..long black shorts,a white bandana on the right wrist and a block bandana on the left. a black shirt with a skull on the right shoulder.and black shoes. and blue eyes with red.

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zing satomi
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