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 Twisted Soul Hokori's Keyblade

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Hokori Rokku
Hokori Rokku

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Twisted Soul Hokori's Keyblade Empty
PostSubject: Twisted Soul Hokori's Keyblade   Twisted Soul Hokori's Keyblade EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 9:30 am

Keychain Name: Twisted Soul

Abilities: it is a basic keyblade it has the basic keyblade abilities

Strength: It boosts the wielder's melee damage

Magic: Allows the user to use beginner level fire, ice, and lightening

Appearance: it is shaped like the Keyblade of People's Hearts but it has a silver blade and with a black handle and what looks like purple vines twisting around the blade

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Twisted Soul Hokori's Keyblade
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