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PostSubject: cutscene..   cutscene.. EmptySun Nov 08, 2009 7:27 pm

*irtimed appears in the tree house*


*2 dusk nobodies and 3 creepers appear infront of him*

irtimed:er *his 2 across keyblade appears and he strikes both dusk nobodies in one singal blow and does the reversal on the 3 creepers*

irtimed:that guy


irtimed:im a what!?

Hooded yes your a nobody like me and the remander of my orginazation


Hooded orginazation Xlll my orginazation a group if the strongest nobodies we have beendefeated but now three of us live and where asking for your help

irtimed:my help?

Hooded yes you wield our orginazations only hope the keyblade

irtimed:*he looks at his keyblade* my keyblade?

Hooded we need your help to survive not just the orginazation but all nobodies are dying out including you

irtimed:hm i see.......ok ill help

Hooded good but first *he removes his hood revealing to be xemnas* you need to be put to a test


xemnas:*throws cards at him* these are your maps go through these worlds and fine the portal to the next world until you make it to the castle


xemnas:you must not be seen by anyone from those worlds or dont get yourself killed


*xemnas snaps his fingers and marluxia appears*

xemnas:he will be watching you but he wont be aiding you in anyway

Marluxia hey *holds a rose*

xemnas there will be opsticles in your way aswell *he snaps his fingers and a dusk nobody appears* these will be the most common but there will be stronger versions aswell *the dusk nobody disappears* understood?

irtimed:uh yeah

*xemnas and marluxia disappears*

Marluxia dont forget ill be watching you heheh............

irtimed:erm *he looks at the first card and it takes him to deep jungle*

(flashback over)

*irtimed is found tree surfing and knocks down the dusk that gets in his way and he ends up at the camp*

irtimed:this looks like a camping area......someones comming *he disappears and jane enters the camp*

jane:tarzan where are you? *jane gets ambushed and taken away by powerwild heartless*


irtimed:*clentches keyblade* i should help her but........er

*the heartless take her to hippos lagoon and iritimed follows secretly*

*he makes it to the lagoon*

irtimed:darn i lost em *he notices some vine that goes up to somewhere and he quickly climbs to the vines*

*he goes through the vines and vines 2 and is at climbing trees*

irtimed:a complete circle! *he finds his way to the cliff where he sees jane and tarzan sorounded by powerwild heartless and pete*

irtimed:whos that guy he seems to be controling those creatures and captured those two er i cant meddle *looks down then looks back up noticing the heartless and the captives are gone pete is still there holding two hearts* wh-what happened

Marluxia hes our ally


Marluxia him and the heartless hes orderin around

irtimed:what did he do?

Marluxia he stole those two hearts

irtimed:but why?

Marluxia so the nobody population can survive we need to sacrifice to survive young boy

irtimed:tell me more

Marluxia youll learn more when you get to the castle *disappears*

irtimed:how am i suppose to find this portal!?!? i dont see nothing!!! *he turns the card around and notices some words* a hint?

irtimed:it say the portal is open at a area with books hmmm that camp place had books maybe thats it! *dusk nobodies and creepers appear as he goes back to camp and he fights them off he makes it back to camp and goes inside of the tent and sees a dark portal* i found it! *he goes through it and it disappears*

*saix and xemnas appear were the portal was*

Saix the nobody is learning

xemnas:yes him and his keyblade will be the perfect pawn for re opening the door

*they disappear*

(the cutscene is over and the real story continues at olympus)
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