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 My Character

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I am the Keyblade Master
I am the Keyblade Master

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My Character Empty
PostSubject: My Character   My Character EmptyTue Nov 10, 2009 12:52 pm


My Character

Name: Cameron

Age: 13

Species: Human

Gender: Male Well Duh

Alliance: (decided by Moderators)

Rival: (decided by either Moderators or Two Users)

Keyblade: (please choose or create one in the Keyblade Forums: If my Keyblades are dissapproved which i hope they arent theyre called The destruction of all and the savior of the worlds but if not it would be roxas's keyblade the oath keeper and oblivion

Personality: Active and a shy personality but can be really talkative

Crush: Me have a crush on someone yeah right

Appearance: I wear usually tracksuit bottoms and a short armed t shirt think wat u want but dont think pink, purple and violet but if im bored i go into pyjamas Roxas3 GO THE DESTRUCTION OF ALL AND THE SAVIOR OF WORLDS
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My Character
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