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Name: Rex Tokosama

Age: 16 years of age

Gender: Male

Home World: Disney Castle

Race/Species: Heartless

Appearance: Wearing an Orginization 13 cloak ( Mainly to fool the enemy ), holding kingdom keyblade, heartless face and human like body.

Alignment: Chaotic...

Elemental Mastery: Master of the fire element.

Personality: He acts demonic in any way possible, killing just for fun. Loves the taste of blood.

Weapons: Kingdom key

Fighting Style: Often attacks the head and torso with keyblade. Without his keyblade, he uses his hand to kill however neccessary.

Affinities: He has high strength, low defense, high mana power, low magic defense, high speed, high accuracy, high evasion, and slightly low luck

Weaknesses: Can dish out a lot of pain, but can't take much. Has to be speedy to get out of battle and is scared of other keyblade wielders

History: This heartless was created in the darkness of King Mickey's heart...many people believed Mickey to be all light, but we all have a dark side. This heartless has reason and a mind of its own. He can talk, he is clever, and can plan. Rex has been hiding away for a while but now feels an itch to kill....
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My character
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