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 Hopefully he passes

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Hopefully he passes Empty
PostSubject: Hopefully he passes   Hopefully he passes EmptySat Oct 23, 2010 10:55 pm

Hi i'm new and this will be my first Char.

Name: Zodiark

Age: Physical 17 Actual Unknown (amnesia)

Species: Nobody



Keyblade: Symphony of Light and Shadow

Personality: Usually masks his emotions around people, only lets a select few into his thoughts, in a fight is the tactician.

Crush: Having Amnesia he vaugly remembers a girl with blonde hair taking care of him while they were both held captive....somewhere

Appearence: He is about 6' tall with combed back hair that goes down to just below his shoulders (Blonde), His eyes are a deep blue with a grass green in the middle shooting out like spikes, he is broad shouldered, semi musculer and wears a black trench coat and jeans. On his right hip is a holster with a Revolver in it(Ammo belt too). The shirt is a black underarmor shirt that has long sleeves.
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Hopefully he passes
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