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 My Character- DIF

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My Character- DIF Empty
PostSubject: My Character- DIF   My Character- DIF EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 2:18 am


Name: DIF- true name stiil to be reaveled

Age: Age unkown- Phisichaly 15 years of age

Gender: Male

Home World: ?????

Race/Species: Nobodie

Appearance: My Character- DIF Kh35803

Alignment: Darkness.

Elemental Mastery: Master of the water element.

Personality: He acts demonic, becouse he losted his memories.

Weapons: Ultima Wepon, Jungle King and Oblivion

Fighting Style: Often attacks the head and torso with keyblade.

Affinities: He has high speed, low defense, high magic attak power, low magic defense and high attack.

Weaknesses: Can dish out a lot of pain,but if somebody mentions his memories in some way he starts getting weak.

History: He lived somewhere, with his family and his best friend, he just doesn´t remember their names or the name of the world.
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My Character- DIF
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