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 My character- Xehanort

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PostSubject: My character- Xehanort   My character- Xehanort EmptyThu Dec 30, 2010 5:28 am


Name: Xehanort

Age: 23

Home World: Holllow Bastion-Radiant Garden

Species: Betwen heartless and Unversed

Alliance: Darkness

Rival: Roxas, King Mickey and Unversed General.

Elemental Mastery: None

Weapon:Way to Dawn

Personality:Demonic, Vile, demented and twisted.

My character- Xehanort WickedXehanort
Affinities: He has high strength, low defense, high mana power, low magic defense, high speed, high accuracy, high evasion, and slightly low luck

History: He is Ansem The Wise aprentice, he even stoled his name...when he stole is resarch...tried to destroy Sora, failed, tried to possece Riku, failed, tried to possece zell, failed...but now, he is back with the biggest army of them all...an army of heartless, and the specie he broutgh back from the botomless darkness, The Unversed.
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My character- Xehanort
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