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PostSubject: cutscene..   cutscene.. EmptyTue Nov 03, 2009 7:35 pm

*pete walks up to the castle that never was then walks in then finds his way into the room where the orginazation memebers gather where there are 2 people wearing the orginazation cloak on 2 of the chairs*

pete:heh well im suprised that you two were able to survive

???:dont forget about me

*pete turns around and sees someone else in the cloak*

Hooded 1:marluxia

*marluxia removes his hood*

Marluxia hm?

Hooded dont betray us this time

Marluxia heh

*hood #2 removes his hood and reveals to be saix*

Saix lord xemnas

*hood #1 removes his hood revealing to be xemnas*


Saix the boy has recieved his keyblade

xemnas:as suspected

Saix and the nobody still resist us

xemnas:he will come to us in due time

Marluxia why are we so worried about this nobody anyway

xemnas:because this nobody weilds thekeyblade just like another nobody

Marluxia and......

xemnas:a keyblade is the final step at re opening the door

*saix nods*

Marluxia by why do we need that guy?

pete:what does that suppose to mean?!

xemnas:settle down the both of you.we need his heartless as a destraction so that the boy will never get to us

pete:whats in it for me?

xemnas:if your able to kill or atleast stall the boy long enough you will be awarded in treasures

pete:now your talking

Marluxia so what are the steps to reopening the door?

xemnas:we need the strongest hearts or heart of all the worlds and a keyblade

Marluxia only two? so why dont we just still the keyblade from either that nobody or the boy?

xemnas:only they can control there keyblades and the nobodies keyblade is stronger

Marluxia mhm

xemnas:this nobody is not to be underestimated *he looks at pete* and the boy either

pete:dont worry about just leave itto my heartless

xemnas:good because you will be recieving the hearts from the worlds aswell


xemnas youll get paid more



*marluxia disappears and pete leaves out*

Saix isnt there one more step lord xemnas?

(the cutscene now goes to another cutscene in the station of awakening)
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