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 Chosing the Gummi Ship for DIF

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Chosing the Gummi Ship for DIF Empty
PostSubject: Chosing the Gummi Ship for DIF   Chosing the Gummi Ship for DIF EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 1:33 am

Gummi Ship´s Name- Look Searcher

Appearence-It´s rectangular, red and blue.

Description- It flies pretty well, good missils, very good fire work and a special ability to destroy herself when nedded.

Transformation- It Transforms herself in a litle circul, and then a flash of darkness goes of, when it becames normal again.

Marluxia Marluxia- This is your gummi ship, when you find the power of the darknes within you, you won´t need it anymore, but by now, use it well.

Hooded 2 DIF- Tanks Marluxia, I feel like I´m your friend.
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Chosing the Gummi Ship for DIF
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