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 The Town of Christmas...

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PostSubject: The Town of Christmas...   Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:25 pm

Enter a town of Endless Christmas, enjoy yourselves in the snow, but watch out for monsters!
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PostSubject: Re: The Town of Christmas...   Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:58 am

Roxas and Jack- Whoaaaaaaa!

Roxas and Jack see the candy shops, and Santa´s house.

Jack- C´mon...Lesxiple is probably at Sandy´s house.

Roxas- Who?

Jack- Sandy Claws.

Roxas- Don´t you mean, Santa Claus.

Jack- That´s what I said.

Roxas and Jack enter santa´s house.

Lesxiple- ROXAS!!!!!!!
Roxas- Lesxiple, you´re here.

Lesxiple takes out her Keyblade (Way to Dawn).

Lesxiple- You´re going to pay for the murderer of Xariki, Suxtid and Axel.

Roxas- Axel, is dead?

Lesxiple- You know it..now take your desteny.

Lesxiple is about to hit Roxas and release his soul, when Roxas draws DathKepper and Oblivion.

Roxas- Ultimate swing consequitive slash.

Lesxiple health starts to go down.

Roxas- I´m sorry. Soul releasel.

Roxas inserts oblivion in Lesxiple´s chest, who disapears.

When Roxas undertanded, Santa´s house was destroyed.

Santa was glowing, The Keyhole was in his heart.

Roxas didn´t want to seal santa´s heart.

Santa Claus- Do it Roxas. Jack, it´s up to you to deliver the presents.

Jack- (With a sad voice Okay Santa, i´l do it.

Roxas closes the Keyhole and santa disapears.

Roxas says goodbyeto Sally and Jack, then leaves.
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The Town of Christmas...
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