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 DIF meets Sora

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DIF meets Sora Empty
PostSubject: DIF meets Sora   DIF meets Sora EmptyWed Dec 29, 2010 3:24 am

After leaving Neverland, DIF founded himself here...he sawed 3 kids talking, sited on a tree.

Riku ???- You Know Sora, Now that we destroyed Xemnas, and found Aqua, Terra and Ventus, what else should we do?

Sora Sora- I don´t know Riku, I just do not know.

Riku Riku- Well, that sucks...ah...Kairi you´re so quite...what happen...?

Kairi Kairi- That boy over there... he is listening to our conversation.

Sora Sora- How do you know?

Kairi Kairi-I don´t, I just feel it...

Sora Sora- Hey look a gummi ship, it migth be Donald and Goofy.

Riku Riku- Sereusly, you tink so?

Sora Sora- Yup.

Sora, Riku and Kairi got near the gummi ship, touched it and in an Instant DIF, talked loud and clear.

Hooded 2 DIF- You shouldn´t put your hands in other people stuff.

Sora Sora- Is this your´s?

Hooded 2 Yes, but not for long...

Sora Sora- What do you mean?

Organization XIII DIF- When I find true darkness I will be able to move trhu worlds without that.

Riku Sora Kairi Three friends together- Darkness, oh no you don´t butf*****.

Kairi, Sora ad Riku attacked Dif only to lose. Kairi with one blow, riku and sora with 5 each.

Riku Riku you´re powerfull!

Sora Sora- Kairi, Kairi wake up.

Organization XIII DIF- Yes, true darkness is powering me, I can fell It...Portal open...

A dark portal opened...

Hooded 2 DIF- Goodbye, ass*****.
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DIF meets Sora
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